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The best part of our job is working closely with clients. We assess their needs both functionally and aesthetically, help establish the investment amount needed to achieve their goals, create custom designs, and execute all the details to bring the designs to life.

It is a privilege to be a part of designing a home for our clients. Seeing each family we work with fall in love with their homes and fully live in the spaces created is so rewarding!

The Design Experience

The Design Experience is a 3-step process we walk through together to ensure your design dreams become reality. 

Step 1: Introductory Meeting

The introductory meeting is a complimentary phone call or video chat where we will simply get to know one another. We will learn about you and your design goals and you will learn about our design approach to help determine if we are a good fit in working together.

Step 2: Consultation Meeting

The first step in working together is an in-depth consultation at your home. We will do a full walk through and design assessment of your space(s). During this time, we will further discuss the project details, design goals, budget, and timeline. We will work together to define your design preferences, style, and lifestyle as well as inventory current pieces; discussing what you would like to keep and new items to acquire.  General color schemes and room configurations will also be discussed. 

Step 3: Design Process

The design process is where we take the concepts discussed during the consultation and turn them into reality!

  1. Develop Project Scope and Budget: Every project begins with a project outline that includes an itemized list of products and services for each space to be designed in the home along with estimated costs and design fees. We start here to ensure we are on the same page and there are no surprises as we proceed.
  2. Create the Design Plan: We will create a design with the perfect items for your space(s). We work closely with you to make revisions to the design to ensure it is everything envisioned until the design is finalized.
  3. Order Placement and Management: We take care all of the details including order placement, tracking and receiving. We inspect each piece to ensure nothing is damaged and quality is in line with expectations.
  4. Procurement and Implementation: We offer additional help with arranging trades people, work room, and all the other details in order to implement the design for busy homeowners.


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