I remember the first time I set foot in my current home. My husband, son and I were on our way to see an open house for a different home on the same street and decided to stop into the open house for our home on the way. Although I had seen pictures of our home online during our house search, I hadn't been impressed. I was looking for light, bright and airy, and let’s just say our home did not fit that description. However, when I walked inside, I knew I had found our new home and no other home was going to measure up. It had all the finishes we were looking for and more. Everywhere I looked, I was inspired by what “could be.”


Here I am almost 2 years later and our home has come a long way. Although it would have been nice to overhaul everything at once, my home is in a continual makeover process. I have painted rooms, bought and sold furniture, painted furniture, swapped out light fixtures, and purchased items here and there. My home isn't perfect or complete, and, like me, is a work in progress.


My home still has a list of projects for me, but I am thankful for what it is even more than the way it is. My home is so much more than the paint colors and décor, although I love those things. My home is where life happens for me and my family. It is where I work, where my hubby and I play with our kiddos, where we throw birthday parties, cook, host family and friend get-togethers, and it is my favorite place to be.


My home is my nest and already has so many memories, but has so many things still in store. I hope you will join me on this journey as life and decorating continue on.